Friday, October 28, 2011

Midnight in LA, ain't no Paris, Hilton

 It's late. Round Midnight. It's raining. Driving through downtown LA. Nothing to write home about. These mean streets have seen better days. Haven't we all. Homeless. Broken glass. A bus crosses the horizon  like a film noir ghost ship passing in the night. 

Some down and out dude is cadaver-sleeping on a frozen bus bench, waiting on the Metro 94. Waiting on the gravy train that ain't coming.

I'm working late. Again. Another low budget epic. The budget is tight. Tighter than a fish's ass. I'm a background actor, hanging on with faith, hope and my need-a-manicure fingernails, waiting on some speaking lines. Waiting on my Oscar. My needs: trophy wife, beach frontage in Malibu, simple stuff really.

The rain is worse now. Midnight in LA, ain't no  Paris, Hilton.