Monday, January 28, 2013

The quick brown fox...

You know the drill. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. It's what the warden and the preacher lady said in our typing class. Guess it's supposed to keep your fingers and brain together in case youse are in a typing class like I am.
It's hard working all day in the prison laundry and then going to that typing class in the evening. I'm trying to better myself this year. Hope it works out OK.
I figure when I learn my p's and q's then I can ritt a movie and when I gets out of this hell-hole, just shy of another decade, thens I can take the Grey dog down to Hollyweaird and get some bucks for my prison story, like the boidman of Alcatraz did. Figured he made a bundle, just looking at boid droppings. 
Sorry, better get back to my typing class Dogg.
Best, to all my Homies...
Lurch sure enjoyed when I read Riding the Hollywood Glacier 2, on the Warden's Kindle to him. He liked the color pictures of all the movie people on the back.