Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Winter in L.A. Ain't No Picnic...

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Just trying to get my fingers and my brain together so's I can write this blog...

It's a few seconds past Midnight.It's raining in L.A. I can hear the rain dripping off the dumpster, down in the alley. When I stand on the fire escape I watch the rain drops dropping down onto the dumpster and onto the alley. The rain has stopped. It's quiet now.

Now that the stores are closed. Christmas in L.A. Same old; same old. Gridlocked freeways. LAPD car chases. Earthquakes. Broken glass in the streets. Homeless. And more homeless. Not in Beverly Thrills. They sweep up the broken glass there. Most of it. Guy working on a movie set told me so.

I hope so, heading to the DGA for a Hateful Eight screening near Beverly Hills in a couple of days, so's I hope they swept up all that broken glass. I'm looking forward to seeing what Tarantino has been up to. The movies. All part of the lifestyle here in the City of Actors and tarnished Angels. Some good news too.

More movie shoots are coming back to L.A. Was riding a crew shuttle on a TV shoot in North Hollywood yesterday. Sacramento voted and the California tax subsidy incentives are bringing the movie work back to where it should be. California. Means I can pay my bills on time. A nice change. The holidays are here too. 

Been saying my prayers so's God knows what I need. I know she's listening. This Christmas I'm hoping Miss Right walks into my life. Or maybe Miss Right Now. Whatever.

Got's to get back to it. No worries. The usual things; the usual suspects. Looking for work and more work. Searching on line for more acting gigs. Waiting for that 24/7 call: "Can you work tomorrow?" The answer is always the same two words: "Roger that." 

Still working on my next book, hope to have it ready to read in the early Spring of 2016. So save up some ciggie-money so you can download it, with the Warden's permission.

Dropped a few pounds and emailed Maurice at Magic Mike's my new look. It's me in a wife beater, looking baddass.

Hope to get back on board for the Midnight gig, Saturday nights. I miss those Sunday mornings, waking up with all those lipstick smeared dollar bills tucked into my Speedos. Good times.

Let's get together at Larchmont Pizza before/during/after the holidays. Let me know what happens with the Parole Board.

Wishing you an awesome 2016...