Sunday, August 12, 2012

Heat Wave Still Sears LA

It's hot and getting hotter LA. Only chance to cool off is to go through the cushions behind my thrift-store couch, scrape up some coins, and then head down to the liquor store, down the block, next to the laudromatt.

Don't have the cojones to walk around in my Speedo's, so's I'll have to cool off, like I normally do. I use my loose change to get a couple of cans of ale. 'Bud' at the liquor store sells me the cold cans of suds right out of the freezer. He lets me go inside, so's I can make my selection. 

While I'm in there, I think I'm in brewski heaven, it's wall to wall six-packs of beer from all over the woild. I stay for as long as I can.

Last time the City of Angels and actors, got a heat wave, I was 'browsing' for a couple of cold ones for about two hours. Bud, knows what's up, and so, he's down with me wandering around in his cold room looking to choose a Flat Tire or Heineekans.

Heading off to community service. Hope the 4 Metro buses I have to take have their AC on.

Keep cool today...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012